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Cathodic Protection Reference Electrodes

We manufacture a complete line of cathodic protection permanent-type reference electrodes. These electrodes are used in locations where a constant, stable reference is required, as well as with constant potential rectifiers and at inaccessible locations. 

Choose from a wide variety of probe-type or plug-type zinc, silver chloride or copper sulfate reference electrodes cells for condenser water box/vessel applications. We can custom-manufacture any of our reference electrodes to meet your specific project requirements. 

Cooper Sulfate-CUSO4
Copper sulfate reference electrodes are available in underground and freshwater styles. Since our permanent CuSO4 cells are larger than the norm, they have more copper sulfate than others and, therefore, have a longer life. Ours come in these styles: 

Basic Type 
(Both underground and water tank) 

  • Dimensions: 2-inch diameter x 10 inches long 
  • Chloride ion trap in heat formed recess 
  • Standard lead wire: 12-foot #14 HMWPE stranded copper 
  • All tested for + or – 10 millivolts to standard cell 

Underground Type 
Basic cell is packaged in prepared backfill to retain moisture contact and cell stability 

  • Size: 10-inch diameter x 24 inches long 
  • Weight: 25 pounds 
  • Model code: PRC-CU4-Ug 

Freshwater Type 
Basic cell has extended shield over porous plug to avoid contact with structure. Slots prevent buoyancy of electrode. 

  • Model code: PRC-CW4 

Zinc has the longest life of any of the permanent type reference cells. We use hi-pure zinc to assure consistent quality and a constant conversion factor of -1.1v to CuSO4

Zinc reference cells come in the following styles: 

Underground Type 
Packaged in prepared backfill to maintain stability. 

  • Size: 10-inch diameter x 24 inches long 
  • Weight: 25 pounds 
  • Model code: PRC-ZU9 

Cast in rigid backfill. It maintains stability for years. 

  • Model code: ZN-CPBD-9 

Reliable, embedded half-cell for reinforced concrete structures. 

  • Standard size: 1.5-inch diameter x 2 inches long 
  • Model code: PR-GR-1 

Silver Chloride-AGCL: 
Our AgCl reference electrodes are designed for use in high-chloride conditions. There are three standard types: 

Seawater Type 

  • Size: 1-inch diameter x 10 inches long 
  • Lead wire: 150 feet AWG #12 HMWPE 
  • Model code: PRC-AGS 

Probe Type 
For water boxes and pressure vessels 

  • Contact MATCOR with specific requirements 

Concrete Type 

  • Perforated housing (can be factory encapsulated in chloride-enriched concrete beam) 

PRC-AGCL-ZN-X Direct Drive Dual Reference Electrode: 

  • Product Data Sheet 

The dual reference electrode consists of both a Silver Chloride and a Zinc reference electrode, prepackaged within a tightly compacted MATCOR reference cell backfill to retain moisture contact and cell stability. 

  • Designed with a unique driving cone and driving assembly to enable the dual reference electrode to be directly driven into soft soil, mud or sand to depths of 40 ft or more without the need for drilling equipment. This design is not suitable for all soil conditions – please contact MATCOR to discuss the feasibility of direct driving the anode.