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Conventional Rectifiers

Our conventional rectifiers come standard with superior features that are only optional on other manufacturers’ rectifiers. Every part of a MATCOR rectifier is covered by our two-year guarantee and the transformer comes with an industry leading five-year warranty.

Features (prefixed by their order code):

Efficiency Filter
Increases the efficiency of single-phase rectifiers by converting the AC ripple to DC power, using less AC.

Communications Filter
Reduces output ripple and increases efficiency to prevent interference with communications equipment.

Cross Arm Mounting Bracket
Used for extra rigidity on air-cooled units or for pole mounting oil-cooled rectifiers.

Pedestal Mounting
Standard on oil-cooled rectifiers, but may be ordered as an option on air-cooled models.

Export Crating
We ship to anywhere in the world, and our careful attention to blocking and packing assures that the equipment will arrive intact.

Other Options
Our rectifiers feature hot-dipped galvanized steel cabinets with separate analog amp and voltmeters, standard. Other options available:

  • Non-standard enclosure:
  • Steel, aluminum or stainless
  • Galvanized or powder-coated
  • Enamel (specify color)
  • Digital meters
  • Multi-circuit output
  • Sunshade
  • Cooling radiator
  • Non-standard knockouts
  • Interrupter circuit
  • Hour meters
  • Viewing windows
  • Additional shunts or terminals
  • Special signal lamps