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The ORB Marine Anode System

The Orb Marine Anode SystemA true innovation, the worldwide patent-pending (Chinese Patent ZL 201220121475.2) ORB Marine Anode System from MATCOR combines a unique spherical anode shape with a simple installation package to provide a unique marine anode system.  The ORB Marine Anode System is capable of withstanding difficult service environments while delivering large amounts of cathodic protection current from a compact anode system.

Advantages of the ORB Marine Anode System include (but not limited to):

  • Spherical is the optimal shape for discharing current, and offers the lowest physical resistance to water currents and the lowest risk of damage from debris.

  • High capacity system in a small anode footprint.

  • Designed for the field installation of a concrete base, to minimize shipping weight. 

  • Base can be modified to accommodate exceptionally high sea-level floor and forces will remain in place.

  • Patented connection design allows for clients to make watertight cable connection while on location.

Model ORB Size 
(Diameter in ft)
Output Rating for 15 Years Anode Resistance in 50 ohm-cm Seawater
ORB 1.5 1.5 ft 100 amps 0.174 ohms
ORB 1.5X 1.5 ft 200 amps 0.174 ohms
ORB 2 2 ft 300 amps 0.131 ohms
ORB 3 3 ft 400 amps 0.087 ohms
ORB 3X 3 ft 500 amps 0.087 ohms

Download The ORB Marine Anode Product Data Sheet