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SPL™-Mesh Anode

Our proprietary flexible linear anode is factory-packaged in an open-weave, non-metallic tube. Originally designed for use along pipelines, it has been adapted over the years to other uses, such as beneath ASTs and in congested areas where interference may be a concern.  

Housing Specifications

  • Diameter: 1.10 inches (28 millimeters) fully expanded 
  • Weight: 0.1 pound per lineal foot (0.14 kilogram/lineal meter) 
  • Flexibility: 1-inch minimum bending radius without damaging the anode or steel tube 
  • Jacket: Continuous, permeable, heavy duty, suitable for field handling and for direct burial, made of non-metallic, plastic, open weave mesh 
  • The mesh will be sized so as to permit the passage of sand and to allow contact between the sand and the primary anode 
  • The mesh thickness and opening size shall be such that there is no electrical short between the primary anode and cathode 

Primary Anode Properties 

  • Composition: Mixed metal oxide or platinum/niobium/copper core 
  • Inert in the presence of chlorine 
  • Life: Dependent upon the primary anode, not backfill 
  • Configuration: Segmented anodes are not accepted—the primary anode will run continuously within the mesh tube 

Internal Header Cable Properties 

  • Composition: 7-strand copper cable 
  • Insulation: Standard: HMWPE 
  • Chemically abusive soils: PVDF/PE or ECTFE/HMWPE 
  • Connections: Primary Anode to Internal Header Cable: 10-foot intervals minimum 
  • Multi-step and waterproof 


  • None required

SPL Anode