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SPL-Anode Series Impressed Current Linear Anodes
For complete information about the MATCOR SPL-HDPE-Anode, see p. 10-11 of the SPL-Anode Series data sheet. Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

SPL-Anode Series Impressed Current Linear Anodes Data Sheet

The SPL-HDPE-Anode is used in concrete and marine environments and is a mixed metal oxide anode housed in tough, perforated, continuous, high density polyethylene housing without backfill. Used in marine environments, the anode is protected in the housing that enables water to surround the anode while maintaining good current distribution from the anode.


  • Single package impressed current linear anode system with uniform current distribution
  • Flexible
  • Can be used in concrete
  • Continuous mixed metal oxide anodes
  • Uses patented MATCOR Kynex® waterproof connections