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SPL-Anode Series Impressed Current Linear Anodes
For complete information about the MATCOR SPL-FBR-Anode, see p. 3-4 of the SPL-Anode Series data sheet. Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

SPL-Anode Series Impressed Current Linear Anodes Data Sheet

The SPL-FBR-Anode is primarily used along pipelines, in congested areas and beneath above ground storage tanks (ASTs). It is available in all standard SPL-Anode current outputs and in long continuous lengths. It is a complete, ready to install anode system encased in coke backfill.


  • Single package impressed current linear anode system with uniform current distribution
  • Flexible
  • Can be installed by cable plow, trenching or other methods
  • Available in the MATCOR Concentric Tank Ring Anode System for ASTs
  • Continuous mixed metal oxide anode
  • Uses patented MATCOR Kynex® waterproof connections

Note: Some larger size cables and anodes for special orders may use the standard MATCOR five step connection process

Slideshow of MATCOR's SPL FBR Linear Anode. Click on the play button to start the show.
Captions are available by clicking on the images.

SPL Linear Anode