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Our original MATCOR flexible, linear anode, factory-packaged with backfill in a porous cloth housing with external PVC coated yarn braiding.

Housing Specifications

  • Diameter: 1.50 inches (38 millimeters)
  • Weight: 1 pound per lineal foot (1.4 kilograms/lineal meter)
  • Flexibility: 3-inch minimum bending radius without damaging the anode or fabric tube
  • Jacket: Continuous, permeable, heavy duty, suitable for field handling and for direct burial, made of inorganic material
  • External Braid: PVC coated yarn; 24-stranded braid.

Primary Anode Properties

  • Composition: Mixed metal oxide or platinum/niobium/copper core
  • Inert in the presence of chlorine
  • Life: Dependent upon the primary anode not backfill
  • Configuration: Segmented anodes are not accepted—the primary anode will run continuous electrically within the fabric tube

Internal Header Cable Properties

  • Composition: 7-strand copper cable
  • Chemically abusive soils: PVDF/PE or ECTFE/HMWPE
  • Connections: Primary Anode to Internal Header Cable: 10-foot intervals minimum
  • Multi-step and waterproof


The fabric tube will be tightly filled with coke backfill having the following properties:

  • Type: Calcined petroleum coke
  • Fixed Carbon: 99.8%
  • Moisture: 0.07%
  • Volatile: 0.02%
  • Ash: 0.1%
  • Particle Size: 1.0 millimeter (max.)


Slideshow of MATCOR's SPL FBR Linear Anode. Click on the play button to start the show.
Captions are available by clicking on the images.

SPL Linear Anode