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Safety at MATCOR

Safety runs parallel with integrity, professionalism and honesty as core MATCOR values.  The company strives at all times to protect employees, the public at large and the environment from harm by promoting a sense of individual responsibility over the health and safety of self and others at work and everywhere else.

A dedicated Safety and Compliance Manager who monitors client needs, regulatory requirements and areas for continuous safety improvement manages all of MATCOR’s safety activities. 

The dedicated Safety & Compliance Manager works with, but independent of, our Operations team.  The manager identifies necessary training, maintains accurate records of training and qualification that reflect the company’s commitment to working in a safe and environmentally sound manner. 

The company’s ‘No Lost Time’ record of approximately 450,000 hours (to date) speaks for the success of the safety and compliance program efforts at MATCOR.  Another example of the company success includes Pennsylvania state-certification of the company’s safety committee.

MATCOR does not limit its safety efforts to employee safety.  The company also pre-qualifies subcontractors by evaluating safety records, training records and incident reporting and investigation efforts.

Maintaining a safe work place remains a core value at MATCOR.  The company considers it an important component in keeping our promise to our employees, to our clients, to our subcontractors, and to the communities in which we work.


Safety Organizations MATCOR is a member of:

ISNetworld Member Contractor      National Safety Council    Houston Area Safety Council     Industrial Safety Training Council

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