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Cathodic Protection Services & Design

Our corrosion engineering team leads the industry in cathodic protection services for detection, diagnosis and prevention of corrosion. Many of the design standards of cathodic protection for pipelines and structures in use today were developed with input from MATCOR corrosion engineering. Bill Schutt, founder and CEO of MATCOR, is frequently sought out by major media when newsworthy corrosion stories appear. 

This work in corrosion engineering provides solutions to handle a full range of corrosion problems and unique situations. These cathodic protection services cover pre-installation testing and diagnostic engineering, design, inspection, AC mitigation, post-installation engineering, research, laboratory analysis, expert witness, and compliance with industry-specific regulations, such as Pipeline Integrity Management. 

Our experienced team of senior professionals performs detailed work in all phases of corrosion engineering, including the utilization, selection, condition assessment, evaluation and design of cathodic protection with sacrificial or impressed current systems for numerous facilities such as: 

  • Pipeline, soil, gas (natural, LP, and chlorine), POL (petroleum fuels, oil and lubricants), water (desalinized, salt and fresh), sewage (fresh, septic and sludge), compressed air, condensate, and other kinds of pipelines 
  • Buried, ground level and elevated steel storage tanks and reservoirs for fuel, water and other liquids 
  • Process equipment, along with water and sewage treatment plant facilities involving internal and external corrosion control, including packaged lift stations 
  • Transit systems 
  • Marine facilities, both onshore and offshore (pilings, docks, wharves and submarine pipelines) 
  • Bridges and appurtenances 
  • Reinforcing steel for concrete systems (high-rise buildings, garages, stadiums, industrial structures) 

We employ highly educated NACE-certified corrosion engineers and technicians. Beyond providing corrosion engineering services to clients in the field, our corrosion engineers are instrumental in the design and manufacture of MATCOR custom and off-the-shelf cathodic protection materials and systems.

MATCOR Engineering and Project Services Reference Guide

This reference guide provides a list of MATCOR's cathodic protection and AC mitigation services.

Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

MATCOR Engineering and Project Services for Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation Reference Guide