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Cathodic Protection Products

We provide a complete range of cathodic protection products, including MMO anodes, cables, rectifiers, splice kits, test stations, instruments and electronic assemblies.

Our product line is particularly strong in the field of custom-designed and manufactured products. Matcor uses mixed metal oxide (MMO) anode cathodic protection, far superior to old high silicon, magnesium and zinc anodes. Some of these products, such as the Deep-Anode systems, have received patents. Many have become industry standards, including our cathodic protection rectifiers.

MATCOR continues to work hard to advance our technology and to maintain our hard-earned status as a leader in our industry. Our products such as linear anodes, MMP canisters and cathodic protection for storage tanks are state of the art. Research and product development play an important role in MATCOR’s success as an organization.

We are particularly proud of our ability to innovate and provide custom solutions for client specific requirements. Unique product designs, such as the development of the SPLTM-INT product for use as an internal pipeline cathodic protection system, are the direct result of our clients coming to MATCOR for custom solutions.

MATCOR Cathodic Protection and AC Mitigation Products and Systems Reference Guide

This reference guide provides a list of MATCOR's cathodic protection and AC mitigation products and systems including name, description and typical use.

Click on the link below to launch the PDF.

MATCOR Products and Systems Reference Guide