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Pipeline Corrosion and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection PDF Downloads

Below are the facts and gritty details you need to know about MATCOR's cathodic protection offerings. The pipeline corrosion and impressed current cathodic protection PDFs equip you with all the information needed to make an informed decision about our turnkey, ISO-certified solutions.

Iron Gopher® Linear Anode for HDD Applications
Iron Gopher is the only linear anode designed specifically for cathodic protection in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications. Iron Gopher is patent-pending and features a superior strength stainless steel braid and aircraft pulling cable with an integral pulling loop.

The Mitigator®
The Mitigator from MATCOR is a revolution in pipeline corrosion prevention ans cathodic protection. It is the pipeline industry's first engineered AC Mitigation grounding system, combining superior AC grounding performance with greater ease of installation and lower overall costs.

Durammo™ Deep Anode System
Designed to stop corrosion in its tracks, engineered specific to your needs and built to last, Durammo is the only 100% factory assembled and tested deep anode system, with a proven track record of performance.

Linear SPL™-Anode Family of Products
MATCOR’s family of mixed metal oxide linear anode products are used to protect a variety of structures including tank bottoms, pipelines, reinforcing steel in concrete, and marine structures.

Tank Ring Anode System
The leaders in impressed current cathodic protection offer you environmental, safety and financial peace of mind. Concentric tank ring systems from MATCOR provide turn-key Cathodic Protection solutions to a variety of leading liquid terminal operators. These storage facilities store and distribute crude oil, refined products, specialty liquids, chemicals and more.

Kynex® Waterproof Anode to Cable Connection Technology
Kynex is an automated technology that creates a 100% Kynar® fully molded connection between the anode and the positive lead cable to the anode.

Supervent Deep Anode Venting System
MATCOR’s SuperVent, the standard vent pipe system for all MATCOR Durammo™ Deep Anode Systems, is available for all deep anode systems and anode venting. SuperVent is the only deep anode venting system that ships in a single continuous piece, will not become blocked, and does not require field assembly.

MMP Cannister Anode
The MATCOR MMP-Anode is a pre-packaged Mixed Metal Oxide Anode for underground applications to protect pipelines, storage tanks, and any other buried structure.

The ORB™ Marine Anode
MATCOR's Worldwide patent-pending ORB Marine Anode System combines a unique spherical anode shape with a simple installation package. This provides you with an unmatched marine anode and impressed current cathodic protection system.


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