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AC Interference & Mitigation

MATCOR is ready to evaluate and mitigate all of your AC safety and corrosion issues with a full suite of services — backed by 40 years of corrosion industry experience.

MATCOR AC Mitigation Capabilities Service Sheet

MATCOR experts and engineers are experienced in evaluating AC inteference on existing and planned pipeline projects where buried pipelines are colloacted on a common right-of-way with overhead high voltage AC transmission lines.  Our staff can evaluate the safety risks, the risks associated with fault currents and the risk of induced AC corrosion in accordance with the latest NACE and industry standards.

For pipelines at risk of AC Interference, MATCOR can provide AC Mitigation system designs or complete turnkey AC Mitigation systems supply and installation.  For many simple collocations, AC modeling is not a cost effective solution and far exceeds the cost of the actual mitigation required - in these cases, MATCOR utilitizes its experience to recommend a common sense basic mitigation strategy and follow that up with testing to confirm that the AC Interference has been adequately mitigated.  For more involved applications, AC predicitive modeling can be a cost effective solution to design a customized AC Mitigation solution.  When modeling is required, MATCOR has access to a wide range of AC Modeling software packages and can make recommendations to the client as to which approach would provide the best value to the client.