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Welcome to MATCOR's "M" Magazine!

"M" is MATCOR's in-house published magazine featuring an inside look on our turnkey corrosion protection services. Articles provide readers a snapshot into becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified and how we’re taking cathodic protection for pipelines and systems to the next level. Learn about MATCOR's culture, and innovative thinking, that helps foster new ideas both in and out of the workplace.

ebook Spring "M" Magazine 2013 - Turnkey Solutions

Winter "M" Magazine 2012 - Durammo Edition


Winter "M" Magazine 2011 - Marcellus Shale


Summer "M" Magazine 2011 - Kynex

Other great articles from MATCOR

M Magazine by MATCOR

Feature: Delivering First Class, Turnkey Solutions

Every once in a while life can present a challenge that at first may appear difficult to solve, yet a group of individuals rally around a common cause and accomplish something special. MATCOR recently had such an opportunity, further demonstrating our commitment to delivering first class turnkey solutions... READ MORE

AC Mitigation

Case Study: AC Mitigation Project to Protect a 24-inch Transmission Pipeline

According to project Manager, Robert Johnson, the scope of the project was daunting as the client was faced with several regulatory deadlines, and scheduling was a significant consideration over the approximate 40 miles of pipeline... READ MORE

Safety Feature: Beyond Punishment - The Controversial Role of Discipline in Safety

The word "Discipline" tends to conjure up negative feelings associated with punishment.  However, experts say defining discipline soley in negative terms obscures the opportunity for leaders to correct and motivate coworkers behavior... READ MORE

William Schutt

Community News: MATCOR Sponsors A One of a Kind Music Weekend

MATCOR partnered with the Community Conservatory and Delaware Valley College to bring the world-famous Washington Saxaphone Quartet to Doylestown, PA for a weekend, raising money for two local music organizations... READ MORE