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MATCOR's MMB™–R Ribbon Anode

The MATCOR MMB™-Ribbon Anode originally used in concrete applications is also used for above ground storage tank applications when configured as a grid.  See MATCOR's White Paper of Above Ground Storage Tank CP System Design.

The ribbon anode is field assembled with titanium conductor bar and a resistance welder.  The design life of the anode varies with operating current.  The following chart provides some of the basic information you may require.  If you need additional information please contact us



MMP/Ti Ribbon
anode 0.25" wide

Model Code

Width x Thickness

Anode Rating for
20 yr design in
sand media

Resistance of
Ribbon Anode 


0.25" (6.25mm) x
0.025" (0.6mm) 

100 mA/ft
(328 mA/m) 

0.042 ohms/ft
(0.14 ohms/m) 

Additional output versions may be available utilizing different Mixed Metal Oxide coating loading.   We can provide 0.5” wide ribbon on a special order basis where needed.  


The MATCOR MMB™ R–Ribbon Anode PDF Overview.

Click here to download the PDF Overview