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Eliminating the Weakest Link

MATCOR Kynex anode to cable connectionFor more than 35 years, MATCOR has manufactured impressed current anode systems. During that time we have been a leader in developing innovative solutions and unique proprietary products. Now, in 2011, MATCOR is introducing a significant advancement in anode connection technology. This revolutionary patent pending connection technology represents a big leap forward for the industry.

This is the biggest single advancement in anode connection technology over the past 30 years.

Introducing Kynex®
is the result of years of development to improve upon existing manual anode to cable connection technology used in a wide range of anode configurations. Kynex® is an automated technology that creates a 100% Kynar™ fully molded connection between the anode and the positive lead cable to the anode.

The Weakest Link
Cathodic protection engineers and technicians understand that the anode to cable connection is the weakest link in an anode system’s integrity. Cable connection failures result in rapid and catastrophic failure of the anode long before the anode itself has reached the end of its useful life.

The reality is that too many anode system failures occur with high quality anodes, as a result of a failure in the anode connection. And yet, anode connection technology has hardly changed over the past thirty years. So while anode technology and quality has improved significantly, the connections have remained basically the same.

Most of today’s anode connection technologies utilize a mechanical connection of the anode to the cable followed by the application of one or more layers of water proofing. For wire anode to cable connections, polyolefin heat shrink sleeves over the connection either with or without sealants are typically used. Many connection designs, including those engineered by MATCOR, utilize multiple waterproofing steps to improve reliability. Even the best connection designs; however, are based on manually made connections, with workmanship being critical.

This is where Kynex® revolutionizes the industry. This technology eliminates the handcrafted anode to cable connection that is subject to human error and replaces it with the industry’s first automated anode connection.

Next Generation Connectivity
MATCOR’s Kynex® technology utilizes computer controlled manufacturing equipment that provides consistent, quality, and reliability that simply cannot be matched by any manual process. Kynex® utilizes advanced injection molding technology to mold Kynar™ around the anode to cable connection. The process is carefully calibrated and monitored during the manufacturing process to assure a consistent, repeatable connection. The result is a robust connection that is more reliable than today’s handcrafted connections.

The Kynex® connection is an enhancement to MATCOR’s existing product line, and is being introduced initially on MATCOR’s Linear Anode and Durammo Systems that utilize Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) wire anode to cable connections.

So our question is, ‘do you expect optimal performance with your connections? Or are you willing to take a risk on failure?’