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External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

Externel Corrosion Direct Assessment is a process that integrates knowledge of the physical characteristics and operating history of a pipeline with the results of diagnostic testing performed on the pipeline system to determine the integrity of the pipeline. The process is then validated by the physical examination of the pipeline. 

MATCOR’s Direct Assessment process can be broken down into the following four components: 

  • Pre-Assessment: Pipeline data review 
  • Indirect Examination: Diagnostic testing evaluating cathodic protection (CP) on pipeline and surrounding corrosive environment 
  • Direct Examination: Pipe exposure and physical examination 
  • Post Assessment: Integrity modeling risk based analysis utilizing all data collected, to determine severity of corrosion 

Direct Assessment provides the information that is needed to determine the integrity of the pipeline, or it may be used in conjunction with or as an enhancement to the findings of other available technologies, such as smart pigging. Direct Assessment is one of the more valuable tools a pipeline operator has available to enhance the safety of his operations.